1:1 Mobile Client Relationships

Direct communications to a mobile TXT inbox are the most effective way for organisations to communicate on a 1:1 basis directly and personally with customers, clients, members, community, stakeholders and citizens.

Think of mobile as media, (not device) a media that not only incorporates all the capabilities of the other mass media such as print, recordings, cinema, radio, TV and Internet – but also includes geo location tracking, measurement, instant payment and access capabilities as well as personal two way communication. Since the beginning of the post economic revolution there has NEVER been such a communication tool.

B2C TXT has the potential to re-invent the way organisations and consumers engage. At MobileDigital we eat, work, sleep and live mobile.

MobileDigital has the tools, skills and experience in delivering amazing mobile engagement stories. So, if you are looking at building a higher quality engaged relationship with your clients – we should talk

Why Mobile Digital?

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MobileDigital has developed unique processes using MMS and SMS to achieve incredible contact cut through and sales numbers. We deliver uniquely coded rich media images direct to the individual mobile user. We track and verify every transaction to the personal user level and enable brands and retailers to synthesize each transaction to build their one to one relationship with the mobile user.

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Images are processed 60,000 faster than text - and MMS messages are as close as we will ever get to a guaranteed read. We thrive in the small screen world of 13 millisecond mobile moments. We have the products, experience and skills to assist you in building a valuable personal relationship with engaged loyal customers.

MobileDigital enables organisations to manage the instant delivery of unique, personalised, trackable rich media messages direct to any individual mobile user.