The mobile phone number is the primary data key, and data and activity can be tracked and reported to that number, the first name and surname of the phone owner, as well as ALL contact activity with that number.


 MobileDigital has fully automated this function and provides data query capabilities and ongoing reporting to ensure compliance with ACMA guidelines.


Within the SNIPER dashboard, approved users can generate queries and complex reports, cross referencing all data records within the system. Communication target lists can be built using multiple data points extracted from prior campaigns such as  redemptions and data on date and offer details.


When your supplier doesn’t meet your expectations would you prefer to call, text them or email them ? No surprise then that over 80% of smartphone users prefer instant text communications above email or a phone call.  Our SNIPER platform enables organisations to initiate, respond and monitor instant two way text conversations with their clients.



Connectivity and integration to eCommerce and customer automation management systems is available through a comprehensive set of REST API’s and Webhooks.  MobileDigital recognises the value in enabling customised communications to be automatically sent, based on the organisations defined customer journey “triggers”.


The company has been granted an Australian Innovation Patent in recognition of our work in developing processes and tools to add unique personalisation at scale to Multi Media Messages.  The company has been assisted in developing this capability through Australian Government’s Research and Development grants.


RCS is a Google backed communications protocol being implemented by many carriers, MVNO’s and Android smartphone manufacturers. RCS adopters have signalled major functional advantages over SMS for Android users. There remains though the question about RCS adoption and delivery ubiquity, but a lot of investment is going into the protocol by global messaging providers. Apple who have invested heavily in the iMessage platform have shown no interest in RCS to date.

MobileDigital is an active member of a number of RCS forums and SNIPER has been designed technically ready to implement the RCS protocol as an option in our connectivity delivery options.

For more information go to:

Independent Article on RCS


SNIPER includes the capability to generate the necessary iFrame code to establish a high function gift card facility on web and mobile sites.

Once installed, the retailer’s digital gift cards can be purchased online and delivered in digital form direct to recipients smartphone as secure fraud protected images.  Each digital gift card is personalised, carries a unique redemption code and be tracked if deleted or the recipient’s phone is lost or stolen  The digital gift card recipient is not required to click a link to activate the card as it is delivered live and active. MobileDigital’s digital gift card tool includes payment processing, fraud checking, time and date scheduling as well as full transaction record keeping and reporting.


Unlike other messaging dashboards, SNIPER is to be able to track and report on all communication activity to the mobile receiver at campaign level. At SNIPER’s core is the mobile number database, and by design all interactions that mobile number has, within the client record is available to the reporting system to be tracked. It can be used to generate reports and also used to generate specific and targeted communications.


So simple a child could use it was not deemed simple enough for general release – not the children of today anyway! SNIPER was designed to be very very easy to use, and totally intuitive in nature. Prior to release SNIPER was comprehensively tested by our least technically capable employee –  this added 6 months to the release date. Whilst a painful process – it has paid massive dividends with our clients being able to self manage their own campaigns after  90 minutes of education, using only the online help, videos  and live chat tool.


The beauty of SNIPER is that users can open the dashboard, load a template personalise it and send a unique, personalised, brand rich image to one, twenty, two hundred or 20,000 people.  SNIPER gives its users the ability to personally engage, AB Test small targeted segments, try different images, different offers and monitor the whole process through one easy to use interface.  SNIPER is the most powerful marketing communications tool available today.


When 89% of people say they would rather text a company than phone them, it becomes clear that a dedicated business mobile number to receive incoming text messages, is something that EVERY business needs to consider. Every SNIPER communication is delivered from the SNIPER clients dedicated business mobile number – enabling messages to be tracked and building respect and trust between the supplier and consumer.


SNIPER includes a data cleansing function that enables users to clean their data files prior to sending campaigns. Campaign data lists can be cleaned against opt outs, formatting errors, missing data fields, incorrect or poorly formatted numbers. As all user data can be used to produce reports and build new targets and re-targeting campaigns – SNIPER’s processes are geared heavily to maximise the integrity of the users data.


SNIPER was designed specifically  to provide users with a comprehensive toolkit for communicating and managing communications with their clients.  Other communication platforms focus on delivery of separate campaigns,  using isolated data sets whilst SNIPER enables its users to work with data from previous campaigns,  and then cross reference that data to prepare new campaign target groups.


Inbuilt within SNIPER is fully searchable help, covering all aspects of data and campaign management, reporting, target building design and two way text based communications. SNIPER was designed to be very easy to use.  SNIPER’s primary objective is to provide marketers with a quality tool kit that enables them to design, produce and deliver high quality, personalised, brand image communications, direct to their consumers and interact directly through this channel on a 1: 1 basis.


Within SNIPER’s data structures, each contact record is recognised by their unique mobile number and their relationship to the sending mobile number.  Each unique mobile phone number is also linked to the firstname, lastname and all activity around that relationship can be mapped and reported on.


Neilsen has reported that 83% of clients are happy to refer yet only 29% do. Texas Tech followed up this data reporting that the 54% of people do not refer because there is no system for referrals. SNIPER has such a system. SNIPER’s use of brand imagery, combined with the ability to populate images with unique redemption codes, enables users to build family and friends type digital coupon  referral marketing offerings.


American Express and Comm Bank have both done studies to state that 90% of shoppers transact with fewer than 3 brands online in any quarter, and that 60% of people remain true to only 10 brands.  SNIPER enables organisations to design and send a unique VCARD direct to a mobile users device. This gives the organisation the ability to own real estate in the users contacts data within the phone.


Organisations seeking to guarantee delivery of their messages can no longer rely on email when 80% of email is not opened. The greater percentage of BtoC communications are now opened on a mobile device. MMS is the ONLY technology platform, other than a phone call  that can guarantee delivery of a message to the mobile consumer. SNIPER’s delivery receipts can be provided  in sufficient detail to note the time of delivery, the device brand, model and level of current version of operating system the user is running.


The optimum time for delivery of direct to mobile messages is brand, industry and time zone dependent and usually only determined after comprehensive A/B testing across multiple parameters. SNIPER includes the functionality to be able to send campaign segments in waves and schedule sends based on time zones.


No graphics or design training is required to build, personalize and send engaging images (including .gif images).  SNIPER has tools to manage image location, text size,  fonts, colours and positioning.  A SNIPER user can add 22 unique data tags to build a contextual interaction in the MMS message.  The text component of SNIPER’s  MMS is not limited to 160 characters and can include live links and unique data tags.


The fact that 95% of all MMS and SMS messages are seen within 3 minutes means that marketers need to consider the impact their communications and plan accordingly.  SNIPER has the facility to establish campaigns and split send lists into multiple targets that can be scheduled to be sent in time determined intervals (waves).

This feature was built into the product at the request of clients seeking to reply immediately to keyword response campaigns and Telemarketers seeking to outbound call to follow up MMS and SMS communications in timely manner.


The SNIPER dashboard delivers personalized SMS and MMS messages. MMS messages can take the form of images, gifs, animations and video.  SMS messages are usually charged on a maximum 160 character limit whilst  MMS messages can incur higher charges based on the size of the message delivered – including the image, any data tags, headers and addressing.  With MMS size matters.  SNIPER contains an image compression tools where users are given side by side comparison tools to test compressed versions and reduce image sizes in order to optimise image quality whilst minimising delivery cost.


SNIPER usage requires no long term contracts, transactions can be purchased as and when required. Organisations can trial SNIPER for 3 months  at a cost of $147.00 (ex GST), the trial includes a dedicated mobile number for 3 months evaluation, and a agreed number of free MMS and SMS credits as well access to education and full support. After the evaluation period, SNIPER is, $49 ex GST per month for access to the software dashboard and to maintain the dedicated business phone line.  MMS and SMS credit transactions can be purchased as and when required.


During normal business hours MobileDigital support staff man the live chat online support desk available within SNIPER.  Access to the LiveChat is available from all screens within SNIPER.  MobileDigital staff will, when requested, make themselves available outside normal business hours.  After education has been completed our clients have been able to resolve over 99% of their information queries using the live chat tool.


MobileDigital’s How To Videos are provided as a component of the welcome pack. They provide a step by step tutorial on how upload and personalise your creative, set up campaigns and so on. The link is provided in the welcome pack which also includes; login information, contact details for your dedicated account manager and 2nd level tech support person, as well as specifications and  helpful hints documentation to assist you or your design team in preparing impactful brand messaging.


SNIPER is designed to be intuitive in all aspects of its usage. MobileDigital provides unlimited support and ongoing education for all users, including video tutorials, text support helpdesk, online help, and face to face education.  Prior to sending your first “flying solo” campaign MobileDigital will organise person to person shared screen user training or if more convenient face to face education at your or our premises.


SNIPER has a comprehensive set of “test as you go” capabilities to ensure images, positioning and messaging are optimally rendered on smart phones.  Designs can be loaded, images personalised, data tags inserted, text messaging added and then sent live to a dedicated recipient test group prior to moving to developing the campaign.


SNIPER gives users the capacity the run small segment A/B Testing on campaigns prior to launch.  95% of all recipients open the message within 3 minutes,  therefore test group responses to campaign  variables can be monitored and campaigns quickly honed to maximise responses.



User access hierarchy levels have been designed within the system and  established and implemented at account set up. Access levels are managed within the admin unique password system . MobileDigital recognises the importance of protecting an organisations data from both external and internal threats. There are 3 user  levels within SNIPER – the user levels profiles impact access to data, purchasing and campaign approval.