Communications Platform

The platform employs text technologies, headless API integration architecture combined with our own patented processes.

Easily integrates with industry leading CDP & CRM tech stacks, manages data and security without development and skills investments.

Incoroporates best of breed 3rd party tools to deliver core functions of the mobile handset.

Functional Leadership

A best of breed dashboard that delivers the native mobile engagement experiences mobile clients expect.

Ordinary users deliver extraordinary mobile engagement function without code development or IT skills.

Can produce and send totally unique personalised visual & text messages delivered on a 1:1 basis at scale as well as offer a rapid frictionless text commerce checkout, with no logon, password or username required.

2WAY, Instant, Visual, Personalisation on every image, 100% addressable audience (ubiquity), Point to Point guaranteed delivery.

Complete Platform

Canva integration removes complexity of visual design issues including, image sizes, formats, compatibility and approvals.

Images can be overlayed to create moving .gif. Message & image compression <300kb.

Innovation Process Patent insert 22 intelligent tags onto the image component of an MMS message, to personalise the message, provide unique and specific data.

Plain language shortened URL's build trust.

System manages 2way chat, keywords, automation, opt outs, data cleaning and management.