MobileDigital Marketing Pty Ltd is a privately held limited liability company incorporated in Australia  ACN: 614 170 357. Trading Address 4/17 Commercial Drive, Ashmore, Qld 4214.

Wholly owned subsidiaries include:

MobileDigital HR Pty Ltd.    ACN: 614 173 250

MobileDigital Operations Pty Ltd.  ACN 614 173 590

MobileDigital IP Pty Ltd. ACN: 603 121 982

Mobile Digital Marketing Ltd.  CRN: 10014105.  Incorporated in England and Wales.        Registered address: 10 John Street, London. WC1N 2EB.

MobileDigital is a software company and has developed, sells and supports a unique software platform and connectivity solutions that enable organisations to design, personalise, deliver and manage visual communications direct to mobile consumers inboxes. The platform and processes carry an Australian innovation patent. The company specialises in  MMS and SMS messaging protocols and is across all developments in RCS.

MobileDigital’s software platform is the first of its type in the world.  It enables organisations to self manage and create personalised, individualised, branded, mobile customer engagement experiences with guaranteed delivery and reporting.

The company has a well-informed understanding of the direct to mobile communications space in both the local and international markets.